Grace Bergere sings of love, loss, and redemption. Having cut her teeth on the streets and in the open mics of the East Village, this native New Yorker has drawn comparison to fellow wayward souls such as Elliott Smith and P.J. Harvey. She bares her heart in her lyrics, unfettered from shame, leaving you with the feeling that she's told you her secrets. Her songs are atmospheric and dark, complimented by her floating etherial voice. Repetition and surprise are very present in her work. As a songwriter, she's no fragile flower, but like most great artists, she is always vulnerable, yet defiant in her uniqueness. 

    Eugene Hutz's new label, Casa Gogol Records is set to begin releasing Grace Bergere's music in early 2024.


    "As different as Puzzled panther and Grace Bergere are, they have the right kind of newness and right kind of oldness about them. They arrived into this world as poets with a singular vision and superb knack for melodism. To me they are the new New York, which has a lot more in common with that magical old New York we know, and none of that bullshit in the middle.”

    - Eugene Hutz (In an interview in Rolling Stone on his first two signees.) 



   “When I first heard Grace the hair on my arms stood up and I was frozen in time, held captive by the deep quality, grit and painful beauty of her voice. I could tell right away that it came from a real place and I was immediately captivated by her haunting, delicate music and her ability to relate it in a wholly unpretentious way.”   

      - Ezra Arrow Kire