1. A Little Blood

From the recording A Little Blood

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Every day i lose a little blood
watch it running down my arms to stain whatever I've been wearing
so that later when you see it you will know
that it isn't getting better and if i say it is I'm lying

and I've forgotten my heart at home
the rain is coming down now
and I'm soaked through to the bone
but I'm better off alone

its easier if i just tune you out
all you well intentioned people trying to save me from myself
can't you see you're wasting precious time
find some one more deserving
of your sympathy and help

and i just broke my promise
but what are words worth anyway
and if I'm being honest
i think id rather stay the same

cause I'm better off this way

and i just want my mama
but i ran so far away
i should have listened to her
i should have just stayed home that day

is it better off this way?
every day i lose a little blood.